Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Home and project list

Hooray!  Today we got word that the appraisal on the new house came in $2,000 above the contract price!  Exciting news for two reasons: 1) We already have equity in our house, and 2) now all the hurdles in the home buying process have been avoided and we are just waiting for the closing date!  Our official close of escrow date is August 8 – which means we have about 6 weeks until closing – and 6 weeks until Brooklyn’s due date after closing.  What an agonizing wait!!  But at least I can start planning things out so we can get as much done in those 6 weeks before Brooklyn comes as possible (unless she makes an early debut).

There are plenty of projects that need to be done, see the list below.  As we tackle the projects, I’ll write specific posts about them and link them here. And I also need to start planning Brooklyn’s nursery!  Finally!

Projects to be tackled:
·         Brooklyn’s Nursery

·         Backyard update

·         New carpet throughout

·         Paint house

·         New backyard door to house

·         Inspection repairs


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