Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brooklyn's Nursery Project #1: Princess Silhouettes

The first project I tackled for Brooklyn's room was the easiest.  While it did take some time, it wasn't very intensive and was pretty easy to put together.  Since we are doing a fairytale princess themed nursery, we wanted to put up some silhouettes.  Our color scheme is pink, black and white.  The walls will be pink with some white bead board on the bottom half and our bedding will be mostly pink with black and white accents. Therefore, we wanted to bring in more of the black and white and thought silhouettes would be perfect.  I'll take you step by step how I put these together.

Total Cost:
Approximately $25 + ink and card stock already on hand

6 - 5x7 frames
White card stock
Small paper cutter or scissors
Laser printer
Computer with Paint (program)

1) I first had to find images of the silhouettes that I wanted. After a quick google search, I was able to find all that I wanted and saved them to my computer.

2) Some of the images were in really rough shape, so I used the program called Paint on my computer to edit the images to make the lines sharper and get rid of some of the blurred gray that appeared.  Here is a before and after of my Paint images.



3) I saved my edited images and then just opened them with the default Microsoft Office Picture Manager to print the images.  Since we decided to do 6 of them, we choose to do them in 5x7 format (8x10 would have been too large).  So when I clicked to print, I chose to print them in 5x7 so they only took up about half the page.  I printed one, and then would flip the pages over and print on the other side, so I ended up with two silhouettes on one piece of card stock.

4) Using a small paper cutter (this is recommended over scissors because you can get a straight cut), to cut it in to 5x7 size so it would fit in my frame.  NOTE: Most of my images worked perfectly, but I did have to resize two of them because once I got them in the frame, their heads were cut off.  Once I resized them, I reprinted them and they fit perfectly.

5) Once cut, I placed each one in a frame to finish it off.  We bought these 5x7 frames at Walmart for $4 each!  Here is the final product. I think they turned out great!


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So cute!

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