Thursday, February 27, 2014

4 Year Anniversary!

Today my husband and I celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  I cannot believe that is has been 4 years since we said “I do”.  So much has changed in these years we’ve been together and we’ve grown so much, as individuals and a couple.

Four years ago we had just bought our first house and were just starting out in our careers.  Today, we’ve been homeowners for over 4 years and are getting ready to move to a new chapter in our lives to start our family.  We have also both been promoted to supervisors at our jobs.  We adopted 2 adorable, mischief-making dogs who we love with all our hearts.  And most importantly, we tried to start our family last year. 

Though we all know the heartbreak we went through when we lost our baby at 13.5 weeks, we have grown and learned so much from the experience.  Though I never wish this on anyone, I’m trying to look at the good that has brought us, instead of the bad.  It was amazing to watch how we both dealt with it – we both had our own battle.  Sure, we both lost the baby we had always dreamed of, which was our number one problem we had to deal with.  But I was dealing with having surgery for the first time, recovering from surgery, and trying to understand why I couldn’t keep my baby, and so many other women who don’t even want their children don’t have any problems in their pregnancies.  Brandon was dealing with helping me recover, not wanting me to feel like it was my fault that this happened, and what lessons we were supposed to learn from this.  It really brought us closer as we supported each other through it.  And not only that, it also really helped us with our communication.  This let us open the flood gates and we really learned how to lean on the other and take the lead when necessary.

Brandon has really set his goal for getting his book completed and published by the end of this year.  It’s been a long process that he’s been working on for several years.  And he has also taken his fitness and mud runs very seriously.  He’s found something he’s passionate it about, and I’m trying to support him in this.

I’ve found that I enjoy using my DSLR camera and can’t wait until we have a baby that I can go photo crazy with.  I love taking pictures on our vacation, and they’re so much better with this camera.  I also love my embroidering machine.  I made a special onesie for my niece that was personalized with her name.  I can’t wait to make little clothes for our kids.  My scrapbooking has declined, but I love putting together photobooks on shutterfly.  It’s my new form of scrapbooking and I love having all these memory books.

We have traveled to so many places in our 4 years.  Many trips to San Diego and Disneyland.  But we've also traveled to Cancun, New York, Greece & Italy, and Florida (one major trip each year we've been married).  This year we also have a trip planned to Virginia.  Our bucket list has many more places we want to travel and can't wait to see when we are able to get there.  These vacations have made amazing memories for us, and I love looking back at the pictures.

As we look to what our 5th year has in store, I think it’s going to be great.  We have so many more memories that we are going to make.  And I think we’ll celebrate our 5 year anniversary with a party for friends and family at Cocomo Joe’s (for those of you who know how we got engaged!). 

I am so thankful that God brought Brandon in to my life.  He’s my rock and we compliment each other perfectly.  We are a great team and we’re only going to get stronger.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.  Whether it is amazing or heartbreaking, I know we’ll get through it and be even stronger, “till death do us part”.


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