Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review: The Wide Window (A Series of Unfortunate Events #3)

The Wide Window (#3)
by Lemony Snicket
Date Read: 6/23/14
Rating: ★ ★ ★

The books keep getting longer, but at least they are getting funnier also.  I actually found myself chuckle a few times at this book.

I still like the literary and expression lessons we get out of these books.  And this one even focused on grammar!  (if you know me at all, you’ll know grammar is a pet peeve of mine!)  While I found the corrections of grammar in this book to be obnoxious in how they were done, I really liked Klaus explaining the errors in the letter.

The main plot outline of these stories all seem to be the same though: kids get a new guardian, Count Olaf disguises himself to get in with them, no one believes the children that he’s Count Olaf, and then they have to take Count Olaf down.  It’s a little repetitive, and I’m not sure I could handle that over 13 books.  But I do like that they have to figure out how to take him down differently in each book, and that each child is helpful in doing so. 

While I’m starting to get sick of seeing Olaf disguise himself and no one believes Violet, Klaus and Sunny, what I did like about this book was their adventure on the boat.  It was just them and no one butting in or getting in the way.  The only hurdle they had was the hurricane itself.  It was really nice.  The action also made the book fly by – so even though it was longer than the previous two books, it actually flew by. 

The leeches were totally creepy though – and that whole scene is pretty graphic.  As I continue reading these stories, I feel like the age at which I’ll feel comfortable having my own kids read them keeps getting older.

Now I want to watch the movie though – because I was told that it covered the first 3 books.  After watching that, I’ll have to decide whether I want to continue this series or not.  I might continue it as filler books since they’re easy reads.  But I won’t push through the series fast.


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