Friday, March 29, 2013

Film Makers Love Script

My husband, the writer, also has a company in which he co-owns called Kleos Studios.  In this company, my husband is the writer and the admin basically, and then there is another co-owner who is the artist.  Between the two of them, the company does storyboards, shot sheets, scripts, etc.  They haven’t gotten a lot of business, but when they do, it’s pretty awesome watching it all come together.

Brandon actually got the opportunity to write a script for a possible fairly large budget film through a co-worker at his day job.  His co-worker and him had gotten together and come up with several different ideas to pitch.  The movie makers selected one of the ideas and then Brandon sat down to work writing a script for this movie idea.  Yes, he didn’t work on his book for several weeks, but it was in the hands of a reviewer at the moment, so there wasn’t much he could do anyway.

Brandon wrote the entire script and then got some feedback from this co-worker.  Once they both had input on the script, they sent the first draft over to the movie makers.  They absolutely loved it.  Of course they have a few edits they want to make to make it a little more believable, but it is very exciting that they loved the script and they said they want to produce it!                                

Now they are in the waiting game.  Now that the movie makers have a script, they can take it to the investors and present a budget.  Once they get the money to produce the movie, Kleos Studios will have made the first REAL paycheck in a long time!  And it is exciting for Brandon to have written a script and watch it come to life.  I think this was an awesome way to still keep his writing going, but it was a very different type of writing, so it kept it interesting for him.  And they might even hire Kleos Studios to do storyboards since this is their first movie that is full of action.

I’m excited to see how all of this plays out.  But it’s very exciting news, and hopefully it pans out for them.


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