Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review: Girl of Nightmares

Girl of Nightmares
by  Kendare Blake
Date Read:  12/23/2012
Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book. Way more than I thought I would. So I was very eager to read the second installment. However, it didn't quite live up to its predecessor. Part of what I loved about the first book was how it all centered in one place. And Anna. And neither happened in this book. Anna was barely in it! Which is disappointing when she is the title character. And they did a lot of traveling in this book. I don't know. I felt a little let down. And this book was not nearly as violent and graphic. But that's because Cas didn't really kill many ghosts.

Cas stayed a very enjoyable character though. It was interesting seeing him have to live without Anna around. And how Anna had changed him. And I really liked how strong his friendship with Thomas had gotten. Thomas is the friend that everyone wished they had. Carmel was okay in this. I liked that the book showed the toll this life can take on people, and how to she had to make some decisions. But she was just meh to me in this book.

There wasn't much action. There was one scene about half way through that was pretty intense, that involved Anna, and then there wasn't a whole lot that happened until the final scenes. i don't know. I liked that it centered around him wanting to save Anna because she didn't deserve her fate, but it wasn't nearly as gripping as the first book.

The ending is probably what saved this book. Going back and writing his review, I was thinking, why on earth am I giving this 4 stars? It should only be 3. But the ending is what pushes it closer to 4 stars.
[SPOILER: The decision that Cas has to make at the end is a very mature decision. It is sad, but also happy at the same time. I can't say that I was surprised by it...I mean, she is dead...I've always been thinking, how do you create a love story with a person who is dead?? But the choice is still very difficult. But it is sweet that he loves her enough, that he wants to leave her where she will be happy for eternity. ]

Overall, if you've read the first book, you need to read the second. The ending of the first leaves quite a few loose ends. So this starts tying most of them up. But just don't get super excited that it is going to be on the same level as Anna Dressed in Blood. Because it's not. Still good. Still entertaining. But not enthralling like the first was.


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