Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review: The Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena
Date Read:  10/28/2012

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I absolutely loved reading from Annabeth's perspective. Riordan does such a great job writing from her and Percy's perspectives. And I loved finally seeing them together. It was super sweet.

I also enjoyed the jokes in this book. There were a couple references from the original series that I thought was great. I liked the nostalgia it brought back. Reminded you of the things that had happened previously, and how far they have all come.

There were a couple other characters from the original series that showed up briefly in this book also. There are still some that I don't know what has happened to them, but there a couple more books, so hopefully they show up too.

I found that I had a little trouble keeping Piper and Hazel separate in this book. I think it was about half way through where I finally was able to separate the two and keep them apart. I don't feel a huge connection to either one yet. Not like the connection I obviously have to Percy, and I've even gotten pretty attached to Jason and Leo.

I also read this book right before going to Rome. In this book, they go to Rome. And in the next one they will go to Greece. Which is really awesome for me since I just went to both places. There were some references in this book, that now I can appreciate even more now that I've seen them. Leo once again had my favorite quote in this book. He says some pretty funny things. Almost as funny as Percy. And it related to something in Rome.

There is quite a cliffhanger at the end. I can't believe it ended that way. And now we'll have to wait another year??? Being hooked on a series currently being written can be so frustrating sometimes! I love the excitement of when it first comes out, but the waiting is excruciating. But I am excited to have Nico back in it. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out.

I didn't know how i would handle the four different perspectives. But it ended up being okay. He handled it pretty well. But it's still a little annoying. I find myself pushing through the chapters from Leo and Piper, to get back to Annabeth and Percy. Not that I didn't like them, but I love Percy and Annabeth that much.

So overall I loved this book. These books are always so easy to read. And they're the type of book that I just want to sit down and read through in one sitting. This was a great installment and I will continue to wait for book 4. Sigh.


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