Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Comic Book Review: Spectrum (FCBD 2016)


Free Comic Book Day 2016

by  Alan Tudyk, PJ Haarsma
Date Read:  5/15/16
Rating: ★ ★ 

So the premise of this comic sounds interesting.  There is a really long introduction explaining about what has happened in the past leading up to the current story. It’s literally a full page of text on the inside of the cover.

It’s pretty short once it gets going. Basically Captain Raaker is contacted to go investigate way only one of the monolith didn’t open and let out aliens. The reader is shown that he has a daughter who misses him and wants him to come home but he can’t. The world needs him now.

Then it switches to showing this strange young girl appears and tells Raaker to find her. You have no idea who she is. Apparently she has a pretty cool power to either kill people  or bend them to her will. She is called the Scion, though we have no idea what that means. We just know that bad guys want to find her – probably to use her powers for bad.

That’s basically where it ends. I have no idea what the connection to Raaker will be. It seems like a little too short of a glimpse in this world. I feel like I got a taste, but I’m just not sure I got hooked enough to pick up the series. It sounds interesting, but it just didn’t quite grab me. Perhaps if I had gotten just a little bit more to get attached to either character, I would maybe pick up the series.

Something that was interesting to me though was that Alan Tudyk is part of the creative team... when I have nothing else to read, perhaps this would be worth picking up.


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