Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Comic Book Review: The All-New All-Different Avengers / The Uncanny Inhumans

The All-New All-Different Avengers / The Uncanny Inhumans

Free Comic Book Day 2015

by  Mark Waid, Charles Soule, Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator), Brandon Peterson (Illustrator), Jerome Opeña (Illustrator), Nick Bradshaw (Illustrator)
Date Read:  5/9/16
Rating: ★ ★

I did not realize that this was “all-new, all-different” Avengers prior to reading it. I found myself very confused.  Sure, there was Ironman, Captain America, and Thor in it…… but it was Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, or male Thor.  Thor was a female. And Spiderman had invisibility powers?????

Perhaps if I had known going in that it wasn’t the current Avengers I would have enjoyed this more. There wasn’t a whole lot to this story – it was very short. There were actually two comics included in this – “The Avengers” and the “Uncanny Inhumans”.  Like I said, I was mostly lost. Since I am not a huge reader of all the comic books, I didn’t get excited about it. I was just confused. While I know these are created for the big comic nerds, it just fell flat for me.

The Uncanny Inhumnas was really hard to follow. I think both of these comics were meant only to be essentially a trailer. Just enough info for those who care, but not enough info for those who aren't involved in the series.  A little disappointed that this is really just an ad rather than a real comic.

I also discovered when I went to add it to my goodreads log, that this is actually from last year’s Free Comic Book Day.  Which is fine for me because I didn’t go last year….I just hope I actually got something from this year in my stack…

If you’re a comic nerd, you should definitely keep an eye out for this event next year. We hit up 4 different comic book stores and while they all had a lot of the same ones (the 2016 releases), some had some from previous events left over, and another appeared to just be moving out some of their old stock.  So we got a pretty good selection


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