Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review: How to Steal a Dragon's Sword (#9)

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword (#9)
by  Cressida Cowell
Date Read:  5/5/16
Rating: ★ ★ 

This story threw me for a loop. I did not expect the dragon rebellion and war to start now. There are still 3 books left in the series!!

This series is really starting to move now. I like that things aren’t explicitly stated throughout the series. You don’t even realize how many items Hiccup had collected throughout the first 8 books, but when you go back to think about it, he did.

It’s really hard for me to write a review about this book – I’m not sure why. Part of it is because I actually finished it last week and I had a big gaping month break in the middle of it –  part of it is because it’s just so good it’s hard to pick what I really like about it. I know that I really enjoy Hiccup and Kamikaze. Fish Legs is just kind of there – but he’s so loyal it’s hard to not like him. He’s the only one who stood up for Hiccup.

I also really liked the Woodensfang (spelling? I listened to this as an audiobook so I’m unsure of the spelling). I like that it shows another small dragon of Toothless’ size, but he’s so wise. Hiccup is starting to build his own little dragon army – awe.

We also learn about the Red Rage in this book – likely where the idea for the Alpha mind control from the second movie came from. It’s an interesting idea really – and it really shows how unloyal the dragons were to the other humans.

I think my favorite part was the sword fighting competition at the end of the end of the book. Hiccup’s final challenger creates some strong emotions here.

The ending is pretty crazy – a lot of power shifts - and you’re left wondering what is going to happen to everyone – and how in the world are there 3 more books??? This should get pretty interesting. Can’t wait to keep listening.

BTW: I just need to say how amazing David Tennent is as the narrator of these books, again!


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