Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Review: Demigods and Magicians

Demigods & Magicians: Percy and Annabeth Meet the Kanes
by  Rick Riordan
Date Read:  5/16/16
Rating: ★ ★ 

I am going to review this book in pieces for each short story.  Originally these short stories were only released in ebook format. We held out for a compilation printed version and it finally came!

The Son of Sobek ★    
This is the story about Percy, a Greek demigod,  meeting Carter, an Egyptian magician.  Neither one knows the other exists until a mysterious giant crocodile starts wreaking havoc.  It is told from Carter’s POV.  This one was the most boring to me. There were a lot of misunderstandings, with Carter constantly thinking Percy was crazy. I get that that would likely be the real though process, but since I, the reader, am aware of both of them, it got old really fast. Plus, Carter has just always been the most boring character that Riordan has written.  I did enjoy the battle when Percy and Carter joined forces to fight the crocodile in the subdivision.

The Staff of Serapis ★ ★    
This story is about Annabeth, a Greek demigod (and Percy’s girlfriend), meeting Sadie, an Egyptian magician (and Carter’s sister).  It is told from Annabeth’s POV.  The girls run in to each other after this strange 2 headed monsters tries to merge with its third head.  They discover that it’s Serapis trying to build a lighthouse. They have to work together to defeat Serapis by destroying his staff. This is where we get a glimpse into what happens when you merge Egyptian magic with Greek powers.  The girls exchange numbers so that they can keep in touch in case they ever need each other again.  I enjoyed this one more because Sadie is a lot more enjoyable than Carter.

The Crown of Ptolemy ★ ★      
This is the longest of the 3 stories.  This is the story about the evil magician, Setne, trying to become a God by mixing Greek and Egyptian magic together.  Percy and Annabeth have to enlist the help of Carter and Sadie in order to defeat him.  This whole story is basically one big battle scene.  It moved along quickly and since all the introductions and such were over, it was much more enjoyable. But I also think this was the best book because it was told from Percy’s POV.   Percy’s humorous and snarky personality is so much fun to read.  The teens realize that they need to mix their magic in order to defeat Setne at his own game.  In the middle of this story there are also several colored images of the teens and certain scenes. While I enjoyed them, I felt that movie Percy is better looking than book illustration Percy...and Carter was pretty creepy looking in his solo pic.

Overall this was a great crossover mini-series. I hope we get to see another glimpse of them working together.  Or a hint of seeing them in some of the other books. The Kane Chronicles aren’t my favorite books that Riordan has written, it was still fun to see the two worlds learn about each other and work together for a common goal.

This printed version also included a sneak peek chapter from both the first Magnus Chase book and the first Trials of Apollo book.  I didn’t read either. I’ve already read the Magnus Chase book, and I have Trials of Apollo sitting on my bookshelf. 


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