Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Picking a Name for Baby

Wow.  Who knew that picking a name for a baby would  be so hard?  I never realized how much thought has to go in to choosing a name. The baby will live with this name for the rest of their lives.  Here is my breakdown of things to consider when naming your baby, and at the very end, you will see what we've narrowed our Baby girl's name down to - and feel free to cast a vote in the comments section - but please keep it positive regarding the names we've chosen. I do not want to see negative comments regarding the names we've chosen.

  1. What sounds cute now may not sound cute or authoritative when they're 30 years old.  For instance, we knew someone named Wendy when I was younger, which was a cute little girls name.  But when she's 30 and trying to be a manager, "Wendy" doesn't have much clout.  It doesn't demand any respect.  It's a little too frilly.
  2. You have to think about all possible nicknames.  Kids can be cruel in school - and there are probably some nicknames you just don't like (i.e. my mom hated Jenny, so Jennifer is now my middle name instead of my first). 
  3. You have to think of what their initials would spell.  Before my mom was married, her initials were S-A-G.  On her P.E. uniform in high school, they had their initials printed on the backs of their shirts, and everyone would call her SAG.  Now in defense of this argument, not many places use initials anymore - especially using your middle initial as well.  But if there is any reason to think that, why worry about it?  Some people like to put the baby's initials up in the nursery - I guess you'll notice if it spells something then.
  4. You have to determine if your last name or first names you pick out create any other sort of silly reference.  I dated a guy in high school who's last name was Pan.  He wanted to name his kid Peter.  Can you see where I'm going with this - and how cruel kids can be? 
  5. Rhyming.  Do not give your kid a rhyming name!  We loved Addison Mae, but it rhymed with our last name Ray.  I had a friend tell me that she will get married some day, but I couldn't get the thought of her walking across the stage at her high school graduation being called "Addison Mae Ray".  As it is, my initials all rhyme with my last name now (K J Ray), but at least what people call me doesn't rhyme!
Can you see how hard it is to pick a name?!  After weeding through THOUSANDS of names, and some careful consideration of the above list, we've narrowed our baby's name down to 2:

Brooklyn Denise Ray
Addison Rose Ray

We always enjoyed Brooklyn as a name. Not huge on Brooke as a nickname, but it's growing on me. And she doesn't HAVE to have a nickname - I never did.  Denise is a family name on my husband's side.  But looking over our list, we really liked Addison, and loved Addie as a nickname.  We needed a short middle name with Addison, and we settled on Rose (since Mae wouldn't work because it's rhyming).

Anyways, those are the names we are stuck on, and we are struggling to decide between the two.  Our nephews weighed in also, and one voted for Brooklyn, the other voted for Addison. No help there! Haha.  Feel free to leave a comment with which name you vote for.  But please do not leave comments degrading these names. I'm not asking for your opinion about the names. I would rather not have your opinion if it is negative, because these are the names we like and it is for OUR child.  So please keep it positive.  Thanks!


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