Monday, April 21, 2014

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

For Easter weekend, we decided it was time to finally go see the new Captain America movie!  It is important to know that there is an episode of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. which you cannot watch without seeing this movie first.  What a great way to make sure people go see the movie quickly?!  Anyways, so we’re actually a couple episodes behind now on the TV show – now we can finally catch back up.

The action in this movie was really good.  I really enjoyed all the fighting and collateral damage.  These days, the collateral damage is getting ridiculous – to the point that it’s just silly.  There was a scene where Captain America was running through a building just demolishing doors and walls.  Not to mention all the scenes on the city streets.  It was a lot of fun.

The storyline was actually pretty good.  I knew going in who the Winter Soldier actually was, so it wasn’t a big shock to me when they finally revealed it in the movie.  But it was funny how many people didn’t, and you heard this big gasp from the crowd.  Haha.  I, however, didn’t know how this particular character ended up being the Winder Soldier, so I was very curious to see what happened.  Though there was a bit of an explanation in flash backs and such, there wasn’t a detailed explanation.  But I think I have the overall picture of what happened, but wish we got a little more info.  But perhaps that will come in future movies.

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is in this movie as well.  She actually has a huge part.  I like her for the most part.  She seems to show up in all the Avenger movies now.  I thought there was going to be more a love story part to this movie – since Black Widow was trying to set up Steve with a bunch of different girls.  And there was a new girl, portrayed by Emily Van Camp, who I was excited to see.  I loved her in Everwood and actually enjoy watching Revenge on Netflix.  She ended up not having a very big part in it.  But one of my favorite parts was when he visited Peggy, now an old woman.  That was a really neat scene and made me teary eyed. 

Overall this was a really good movie.  I really enjoyed it.  It’s always wonderful to watch Chris Evans.  He’s easy on the eyes and I actually think he makes a great Captain America.  Now we have to wait to see what happens in The Avengers 2, and apparently there is a Captain America 3 on the docket!

PS: Make sure to stay through the ENTIRE credits.  There are TWO scenes.  One is immediately after the title credits – and I believe this is setting up Avenger’s 2.  But if you stay to the very end of the rolling credits, there is another short scene – which is very short but gives you a little hint of what happens after, and perhaps where Captain America 3 might be heading.  =)


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