Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review: Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon (audiobook)
by  Anna Banks
Date Read: 3/26/14
Rating: ★

I enjoyed this story enough. The concept of the story was pretty good.  I really liked the Syrena (merpeople) and the story between the two mer-kingdoms.  But there were some frustrating and annoying aspects of the story as well where the author didn’t execute, which is why I’ve only given this 3 stars.

Things I liked: I liked Galen and Rayna.  They were interesting characters to get to know and I liked seeing their lives on land and in the water.  We also got to know their history in the Triton kingdom.  Sure Galen was the typical YA male love interest (super sexy, everyone wants him), but I’m okay with that.  As long as he wasn’t annoying.

I thought the overall story was good, if you ignored the annoying things that I list below.  The whole half-human half-mermaid thing was interesting.  The history between Poseidon and Triton was pretty interesting. The gifts that show up in royal bloodlines were really interesting – even though we aren’t sure what the Triton gift is anymore.  The overall concept of this story was pretty good – the author just failed to execute in areas and put some of things you shouldn’t ever have in your novel in other areas which is what hurts the rating for me.

Also, I read this as an audio book.  So far, this has been the best reader.  She had a lot of different voices which helped me keep track of who was actually talking.  Though she still didn’t pull off a great man’s voice, at least she was able to differentiate them all enough that you know who was who.  I applaud the reader for that and it helped me keep track of the story better.

First, I hated the overuse of “Oh my sweet goodness!” – something minor and small, I know.  The first time it was kind of funny.  But the sixth and seventh time I was annoyed.  No one talks like that and it just jarred me from the dialogue that was going on.  If the author had just left it at “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my God”, the dialogue in those scenes would have flowed so much better.

Second, the whole stalker thing was kind of just thrown in there.  At the end it kind of all made sense, but it annoyed me that they didn’t “sense” the stalker right away.  So it just seemed like it came out of nowhere.  And it didn’t even play a part until right at the very end.  If the author was going to do this (which would have been fine in my book), she should have had it come up a lot earlier in the story.

I also didn’t like how Emma’s mother pushed her to admit that she and Galen were dating even though they weren’t.  It was a really stupid part of the book because it didn’t even become part of the story!  It felt so forced and I hated it, and then I really hated it when it didn’t even matter.  I’m not sure why the author chose to do that.

Emma got pretty annoying by the middle of the book as well. I’m not sure why female main characters end up being annoying in the books anymore.  It’s so frustrating.  How hard is it to write a likeable character?  Her obstinance was so frustrating.  If you’re learning about a new world, you should probably listen to the people who are from that world and are teaching you.  UGH.

The cliffhanger. Okay.  There is a HUGE difference between wrapping up your story and leaving with a cliffhanger and then just cutting your story off right in the middle.  This story was cut off right in the middle.  The author didn’t know how to leave a cliffhanger but still leave the reader feeling like they have some sort of closure to the book.  This one just cut off.  I found myself with only 10 minutes left in the book wondering how so much was going to happen…and I was right.  It didn’t!  She just ends it!  Seriously?  Of course now that I’ve invested so much time in to the story, I need to read the second one, but I can tell you right now that I won’t be buying it myself after that ending.  Basically this author is writing one giant story and chopping it in thirds, as opposed to writing 3 books with an arc that covers all three books.


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