Monday, July 29, 2013

Movie Review: Monsters University

So apparently Monsters University has been out for longer than I thought.  It was only playing at 4 theaters within 30 miles of my house!  So I suppose this review is a bit late, but hey, it's still worth writing.

I was very happy with this movie.  I've always been a huge fan of Monsters Inc.  Mike and Sully are some of my favorite characters.  I thought that the world of Monsters Inc was so unique and fun.  I was so excited when we finally got another movie 12 years later!  Usually when they take that much time between movies it usually means they've taken their time to make sure it's good.  Unlike the ones where they hurry up a sequel and it sucks.  Well, I'm happy to report that they did not disappoint with this prequel!

It starts out with a scene when Mike is a little kid attending a school Field Trip to Monsters Inc.  This is basically where he becomes obsessed with becoming a scarer.  I thought it was adorable!  And I loved that is showed how studying and hardwork can really help you acheive your goal.  I'm a big proponent of hardwork and dedication.

Flash forward 10 years, now Mike is off to college.  He got in to Monsters University (MU) as a scaring major.  The college is beautiful, and very true to college life.  The creators always do a great job building the world and translating things from the human world to the monster world. I love it.  So creative.  Even down to the science labs where they create the doors to the human world.  (Of course I loved labs because I was a science major!)

I don’t want to give away too much, but both Mike and Sully were very different characters when they were in college.  And so we as the audience really got to see them grow while in college.  Through a series of events, the two must work together to achieve a mutual goal.  It teaches about teamwork, camaraderie, overcoming obstacles, using your specific skills in unique ways to achieve your goal.  I really liked all the morals portrayed in this film.  I think it will be a really good movie for young kids to watch.

I watched the whole movie trying to figure out how Mike and Sully were going to end up at Monsters Incorporated and working together.  I actually ended up really liking how they got there.  And at the end it shows you Mike and Sully’s rise to the best scare team at Monsters Incorporated.

This movie was really done well.  It was quite funny and smart.  I really liked watching their problem solving skills.  It was just done really well.  Now I want to go back and watch Monsters Inc again to conclude my Mike and Sully story.  Maybe in another few years they’ll create a sequel to Monsters Inc to show how the world has changed with child laughter instead of screams.  But they ended Monsters Inc  in a way that they really don’t have to – and perhaps they shouldn’t mess with a good thing.


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