Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Review: Epic

I took my nephews, who are 4 and 2, to see Epic last weekend.  Though the movie has been out for a while, I decided to write a review anyway.  Overall I enjoyed the movie.  It was fun.  I liked the characters. I always like the forest.  It kept my nephews entertained.

The 4 year old sat and ate popcorn the entire time.  He didn’t say a word except when he had a revelation about the bad guys toward the end of the movie.  I was shocked because I’ve tried to sit and watch movies with this kid before, and he just can’t sit still for that long.  So I guess that’s saying something.  Though, perhaps he felt more immersed because the screen is so much bigger than at home – and there weren’t toys taking his attention away.

The 2 year was entertained for about the first half.  I was surprised he lasted that long, honestly.  I think at that age they haven’t learned to appreciate movies.

The movie itself though was very similar to Fern Gully.  However, the major difference wasn’t that mankind was destroying the forest, it was something else.  But it all other aspects it was very Fern Gully – just like Avatar was very much a remake of Fern Gully.

In Epic, a human was shrunk to fairy size.  And naturally she has to help save the forest from the bad people.  It was cute.  There are a few lingering questions after watching it, but it was entertaining.  I enjoyed the young male fairy – watching him mature through the movie was nice.

It was actually pretty funny.  My husband and I laughed more than my nephews did.  I think there were some funny things that just went over my nephews’ heads because they are too young. And of course it had a happy ending.

I just found out that there were some pretty big name actors voicing the characters.  I guess that’s why they sounded fairly familiar.  Amanda Seyfried voice the main character, Mary Katherine (aka MK), Josh Hutcherson (from the Hunger Games) voiced Nod.  Beyonce voiced Queen Tara.  And Collin Farrell voiced Ronin.  Those are some pretty big names!

I don’t know if it was worth paying for at the movie theater, but if you see it on Netflix, it’s probably good enough to watch once. 

Now the next movie I have to take my nephews to see is Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University!


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