Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Review: Avatar: The Search Part 2

Avatar: The Search Part 2
Date Read:  7/16/2013

Rating:  ★

This book was still fun.  Not as much happened in this book though.  But we did get more background on Zuko's mom.  I like seeing all the flashbacks.  And I like how they do a flashback that we had seen in the TV show, but then expand upon it and give us more info.  It was pretty awesome.  Several of the scenes that I had always wanted more information came up in this book.  So I loved that.

I actually enjoyed the banter between Zuko and Azula.  I like Zuko trying to make them get along.

But the actual story was pretty boring.  And the ending?  It's hardly even a cliffhanger.  I was left wanting more, but not for good reasons.  This definitely suffers from middle book syndrome.  But I'm very excited for what is to come in part 3!!


And what is this with Azula having a different destiny?  Is she really going to turn out good???  That intrigued me.  Looking forward to more.  But this really just set up the next book.


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