Friday, February 26, 2016

Book Review: A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
by  Cressida Cowell
Date Read:  2/22/16
Rating: ★ ★ 

Oops. I finished this at the beginning of the week and forgot to write my review about it!

The How to Train Your Dragon books have stayed surprisingly entertaining.  The author is doing a good job at mixing up the plot and characters.  I really enjoyed this one because it didn’t really involve a “bad guy”.  It still had drama and a climax, but they weren’t fighting off one of Hiccup’s arch enemies – though he may have just made another!

The addition of Kamikaze to the story has been refreshing.  She’s a lot of fun and I like having the girl’s perspective on things – even though she’s the least girliest girl I’ve ever seen!  She really pushes Hiccup and Fishlegs when they want to wimp out and she is actually pretty brave.

I loved the Stealth Dragon in this story. Not only was his accent super cute (love this narrator!!!) but he was just a lot of fun. The addition of Kamikaze’s dragon was a nice touch too. Poor Toothless has a little crush on her!  I hope we see her more throughout the series now.

I also really liked that Stoick is starting to be accepting of his son and see that just because he doesn’t have the typical Viking build and strength, that he has gone through some pretty seriously scary situations and come out on the other side thanks to his quick wits. 

The best part about this story? It takes place in a library! And Hiccup tries to get books unbanned. He tries to impose how helpful books are for knowledge.  Perhaps this is why he becomes the last Great Viking Hero.

I actually feel like I like these more and more as the series progresses. I hope they don’t get boring.


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