Monday, September 28, 2015

Birthday Project #2: DIY First Birthday Monthly Banner

This was the second project I wanted to tackle for Brooklyn’s birthday. This is similar to my previous blog for the Happy Birthday and ONE banner, but the sizes were different.  I ran in to a few snags with my Cricut machine tearing the paper as well. I ended up having to buy a new mat and a new blade.  It ended up cutting better, but I still had trouble with it cutting the numbers out.

Total Cost:
Approximately $3, + mod podge, ribbon, and paper clips on hand; in addition to the $20 for the font cartridge. If you already have a cartridge or you don’t mind the basic font, then it is really just $3.

Light pink textured Cardstock
White textured Cardstock
Gold Glitter Cardstock
Cricut Machine
Cartridge with your preferred font/shapes
Mod Podge or Glue
Light pink ribbon
Packing tape (or scotch tape)

NOTE: I didn’t take any pictures while doing this project because I finished it last minute a day before her party due to my struggle with the paper tearing.  Reference my Happy Birthday blog for pictures on putting it all together.
  1. First you need to decide what shape you want your banner to be in. I chose a shape that was in the basic cartridge to save money. Also I actually really liked the shape – so it worked out.  TIP: I think perhaps my blade dulled when cutting the glitter cardstock, so I suggest saving the glitter cardstock cutting for the end, just in case!
  2. Once you have your shaped picked out, decide what size you want. I did 3” x 3”.
  3. Fit as many of that size shape on one page.
  4. Place the color paper that you want the large size cut in to on the mat. I used the glitter cardstock. Then load the mat in the machine.
  5. Click cut, and adjust any settings to cut on the glitter cardstock. I used a depth of 5, pressure of 4 and cut speed of 5. This is a simple shape, so the speed worked just fine.
  6. Once cutting is done, remove the mat and punch out your shape.  You now have your base! Repeat cutting steps to obtain the amount of banners you need to spell out your saying.
  7. Decide what size you want your next layer to be. I did 2” x 2” so there is about a ½” on all sides, and I think it turned out great.
  8. Fit as many of that size shape on one page. 
  9. Place the next color paper on the mat.  I used the light pink cardstock.  Load the mat in the machine.
  10. Click cut and adjust any setting to cut on the pink textured cardstock. I used a depth of 4, pressure of 4, and speed of 5.
  11. Once cutting is done, remove the mat and punch out your shapes.
  12. Using the cartridge which has the font you would like to use, choose all the numbers you need. I choose from 0 (newborn) through 12.
  13. Adjust the size of your numbers so they fit within the shape, I ended up having each number be 1.5” tall.
  14. Fit as many of your numbers on one page.  I was able to fit all of them on one sheet – and even had room to run some of them again when the first ones tore.
  15. Place your next color of paper on the mat. I used white textured cardstock. Load the mat in the machine.
  16. Click cut and adjust any settings.  In theory you should be able to use the same settings as step 10 for the textured cardstock, but slow the speed down a bit because these are more intricate.  My cricut kept tearing at the angles in some of my numbers – I specifically had trouble with the number 1 (go figure). I just cleaned them up a bit with scissors and most of them ended up looking okay.
  17. Once cutting is done, remove the mat and punch out your letters.  TIP: I think perhaps my blade dulled when cutting the glitter cardstock, so I suggest saving the glitter cardstock cutting for the end, just in case!
  18. Now that you have everything cut, it’s time to put it all together!  Grab your mod podge or glue!
  19. I used a paintbrush to brush a thick layer of mod podge on the back of my light pink cardstock shape. 
  20. I eyeballed the center of the glitter cardstock and pressed down.  It is hard to get the glue to stick to the glitter, so I had to press down firmly with my palm for several seconds, and then I placed something heavy on top of it to help hold it down while the glue dried. CAUTION: Some of the glue or mod podge may squeeze out the side, so make sure you’ve dabbed it all off before placing something on top of it so it doesn’t stick to your pretty banner!
  21. Repeat step 20 for all banners.
  22. Next, brush some mod podge or glue on the backs of your numbers and eyeball the center – remember to offset for the ones that will have two digits (10, 11, 12). Press down firmly. I found it was much easier to glue textured cardstock to textured cardstock, so just a few second hold with my palm was all it needed.
  23. The next step is to hole punch the top of your banner so you can hang it.  I punched two holes in the top of each banner.
  24. Pick a ribbon to string through the banner, leaving room to hang it on the sides.  I left about 10 -12 inches (I just eyeballed how much I thought I’d need) on each side to tie a bow to hang the banner.
  25. I then taped a paperclip to the back side of the cardstock so that I could attach a picture below it using packing tape (because it’s sturdier than scotch tape).
  26. Attach all your pictures in order and then hand it on the wall.  I used a nail and then tightened the bow around the nail.

  27. Voila! Your project is complete!


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