Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Review: The Prey

The Prey (The Hunt #2)
by  Andrew Fukuda
Date Read:  7/22/15
Rating: ★ ★ 

I had received the first book in this series for free through Goodreads, back in March 2012.  So needless to say, I didn’t remember a lot of details from it 2.5 years later.  But I did remember liking it, so when I saw that the sequel books were published, I thought I should finish it off.  I had to read my review again, which helped a little…but even with the recap in the book, there were still things that I didn’t remember.

These books are hard for me to get in to at first.  The author uses a lot of long and detailed descriptions about silly things.  I notice it more at the beginning of the book, and I have to work through that.  He also uses some big words that I have to look up – but sometimes that is fun, because books don’t really help my vocabulary anymore (though I am an adult…so there’s not that many words I need to learn).  But sometimes the big words are unnecessary.  However, half way through the book I noticed those things weren’t bothering me anymore – so either I finally got used to it, or the author wasn’t doing the descriptions of stupid, mundane things anymore.

This book picks up right where it left off.  What I like about these books is that the vampires are scary.  They howl, the run fast on all fours, sunlight melts them, they’re violent killers.  They’re real vampires, not sparkly handsome things.  And their odd quirks, like scratching their wrists, don’t play in to this book.

The group finally gets away from the vampires and find this mission (village).  There are a lot of strange things surrounding this city and while they are given some answers, there are still some strange things that makes the group question whether those answers are truth.  I was very curious about this place, and was very upset when the initial answers were given.  [SPOILER: I thought it was another Divergent tale – acting like a dystopian world, but JUST KIDDING, there is only one city like that, the rest of the world is still normal.  Though there were still so many unanswered questions I was sure that couldn’t be the whole answer.  I was thinking those loose ends wouldn’t be tied up for me at the end of the book, but with a few pages left, I was glad to see that the world really is dystopian still and the guy had lied. END SPOILER]  The real answers made this world even more interesting and unsettling.

The author isn’t shy about killing or turning people either.  Sometimes I like that because no one is safe – you never know who might be lost. And it’s realistic in this type of setting. If you live in a world of vampires, not everyone will live.

I’m interested to see how the final book in the series goes and the science behind some of these aspects. I’m interested to see what happens to our remaining group in this new location.  The book has me hooked, and I need to know how it ends.


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