Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Months Old!

Brooklyn is 10 months old!  Where has the time gone?  It’s time to start planning 1st birthday pictures and her party. I can’t believe my little girl is so big already!

This past month Brooklyn started standing for very short periods of time. She isn’t quite brave enough to let go herself – but if I sneak my hands away, she can stand just fine. She’ll drop or reach for me as soon as she realizes it.  But the day after taking these pictures, she started letting go of things and walking/falling towards me!  It will show up on her next chalkboard, but since it was still right at 10 months, I thought I’d mention it on this blog.

She has become quite a chatterbox.  She’s even starting using inflections.  Right now, she mostly says “dada” – though she doesn’t seem to have connected it to Brandon quite yet.  She’ll accurately say it when she seems him, but then she’ll point at the dogs and say “dada” or use some other inflection. Haha.

Brooklyn took her first plane right this month to Florida. It’s a 4 hour flight from Arizona and she did great – even sick with a cold.  She almost made it the entire flight there without incident…but we tried to stretch her bottle an extra 20 minutes to make it to the decent…and she couldn’t handle it. But I figure 5 minutes out of 4 hours is still a win.

She loves her stuffed animals. She has even pulled the animals out of the donation bin. We bought her a unicorn (Despicable Me) and Optimus Prime from Universal Studios while we were in Florida, and she just loves hugging them and trying to put them in her mouth.  She also loves crawling all over Belle. She thinks it’s a hoot. We are still struggling with Belle licking Brooklyn’s face…but I expect that will be a lifelong battle! Most of the time Brooklyn doesn’t seem to mind and actually giggles. Cinder isn’t really interested in Brooklyn unless she’s in her highchair. I hope that changes as she gets older and can start playing fetch with her.

She has finally calmed down to enjoy listening to books. For a long time she wouldn’t sit still for them, but now she will finally sit on my lap and look at the pictures and listen.  I point things out to her and she points at them too. I’m glad she is finally able to interact and actually enjoy the books we read now. We’ve found a couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse books at the library recently, which she especially enjoys!

Brooklyn began pointing at things just after her 9 month blog post. She gets a kick out of pointing (sometimes at nothing in particular) and seeing all the adults look to where she pointed. She has also learned “How big is Brooklyn” and she responds by raising her arms up in the air to say “So big!”.  She really loves that.

She didn’t want to sit still for these pictures. As soon as I sat her in the chair she was either reaching forward toward me with the camera or trying to erase my chalkboard! Therefore, there aren’t that many good pictures this month, but it’s showing her goofy personality.

It’s so much fun watching her learn new things. I can’t wait to see how much more she learns and develops over the next month.  I expect she’ll be closer to walking, if not walking, by then!  I started pulling all pictures over the last year for her party, and I can’t believe how much she’s changed in a 10 month period. Kids grow so fast.   You have to take plenty of pictures because this time is over before you even blink!


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful overview! She seems to be growing so fast, I can't believe it's been almost a year! She looks really happy and it's funny to hear about her crawling over Belle and not being able to sit still -- signs of a happy kid, I'd say!

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