Monday, June 8, 2015

Book Review: The Night Fairy

The Night Fairy
Date Read:  6/5/15
Rating: ★ ★ 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It would be perfect to read to a little girl who enjoys fairies at bedtime, a chapter at a time.  The pictures are beautiful as well.  This was a nice change to other kids stories that I’ve read, in that it was still a simple read, but was written very well.  I feel like this is a great book for kids to really start understanding how to write and tell stories, as well as just being entertaining for the kids.

This story is not a typical fairy story – if you’re thinking it’s going to be like the reinvented Tinker Bell stories, you would be wrong.  In this world there are day and night fairies, and they have magic that gets stronger during their time of day.  Flory has a bad experience as a very young fairy and has to learn how to live without wings all by herself. She didn’t have anyone teach her how to be friends, etc.  In this story, you see Flory grow both in her magic and learn how to make relationships.

I really enjoyed watching her explore and learn about the garden and all the creatures that live within the garden. I especially love Hummingbirds, so that was the best part to me.  The story has a happy ending and I wish Flory all the best.  I would love to read more stories by this author.


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