Thursday, June 25, 2015

9 Months Old!

Brooklyn turned 9 months old yesterday.  How fast time is going, and how quickly she’s learning.  She’s very mobile right now, and wishes she could be even more mobile.  What seems like a speck in time to us as adults is huge in the development of a child. In 9 months, usually the only thing that might change in my life is going on a vacation or two or cutting my hair.  But Brooklyn has learned to roll, sit, crawl, pull up, eat, sleep through the night. It’s amazing to look back 9 months ago to those sleepless nights and when she used to like to cuddle with us. It both feels like just yesterday and an eternity ago.

Brooklyn went to her 9 month well check up appointment with the pediatrician yesterday.  She is 29” tall (93rd percentile) and 19.75 lbs (76th percentile).  She has grown 2” and gained 3lbs in 3 months!  I believe it!

At 9 months old, Brooklyn now can pull herself up on to her feet. This means a whole new level of exploration.  Her favorite thing to do is pull up on the couch to play with the TV remote.  Yesterday, she actually pulled my camera off the couch!

She has been using her walker for months and enjoys it…but over the past month, she walks around holding our hands more often and she just loves it.  She likes to walk a few feet and then turn her head all the way and look up at us.  She’ll be walking all by herself before we know it!  Once that happens, there will be no stopping her!

Speaking of her walker, she has recently discovered how much fun it is to chase the dogs around in it.  Cinder and Belle have learned to not be in Brooklyn’s path…but now she’ll chase them around.  There was one night I wish I had my phone to record it, because Brooklyn chased Belle in circles for a couple of minutes. Belle finally found a spot on the carpet that Brooklyn couldn’t reach her.

Brooklyn enjoys music.  Whether it’s on the radio, a TV show intro, Mickey’s Hot Dog song, or her toys, she loves bouncing to the music.  It’s her form of dancing right now.  Her current favorites are The Hot Dog song (which she’s loved from the very beginning) and her new tea pot set.  The teapot sings a little song and it’s really cute. She loves it.  But we’ve caught her bouncing along to many other forms of music also.

She learned how to click her tongue this month also.  So in addition to covering us in spit when she blows raspberries, she enjoys clicking her tongue at you too.  At least you don’t get covered in spit with this new skill.

Finally, Brooklyn has started eating “real” solid food.  I realized as I was trying to determine how to write this on her chalkboard, that when you start the mushy baby food, it’s called solids. But really, it’s just mushy baby food.  This month, Brooklyn tried real (small) pieces of avocado for the first time.  I’ve included a picture of this for your amusement (I wasn't able to figure out why, even though it's a vertical picture, it keeps turning it horizontal when I upload it to the blog - oh well, you still get the idea).  I wasn’t sure initially whether she actually liked the avocado, or whether she just liked smashing it in her hands and covering herself in it.  But after a few days, I realized she did actually like the taste of avocado.  She’s also tried some small pieces of bread, in addition to the puffs she’s been eating for a couple months.

It was also Brandon’s first father’s day this past month!  We had the whole family over to our house for some fun in the sun and grilling.  We had a massive spread of food…and plenty of leftovers!  We had a slip-n-slide for the boys, an inflatable pool for the girls, water guns, water balloons, and a hose. It was a lot of fun: complete with homemade chocolate ice cream!  Brandon has said it was one of the best days he’s had – which is really the point on father’s day, right?

Well, that’s all I have until next month…as my daughter gets closer and closer to the big ONE!


Anonymous said...

Oh, she grows so fast! I feel like I read one update and you're posting another one the next week, are these really months?! I love the story about Brandon's first father's day -- that sounds like so much fun! -- and I really feel for your dogs, hahaha. By the way, that avocado picture is amazing!

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