Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

We saw two movies this weekend.  We saw Thor: The Dark World and Ender's Game.

What can I say about Thor?  It was a great movie!  It was so entertaining.  From the action, to the visual effects, to the humor, I was engaged the entire time.  This movie is definitely worth watching.

We had gotten to the theater about an hour early, and the previous movie was still playing. So we chatted with another couple who got there early but they said they had already seen it.  I’m not one who usually pays to see movies twice in the theater.  I think Harry Potter and Les Miserables are the only ones I’ve done it or thought of doing it for.  But after walking out of this movie, I can see why they did it.  It was so much fun!

Chris Hemsworth is so great in this movie.  He has that sexy strong look, but he has this cute charm about him.  And his accent is to die for.  Thor has to deal with some pretty serious stuff in this movie, and I actually enjoyed watching him deal with it and figure things out.  He then has to team up with Loki in order to save the day.

Let’s talk about Loki (Tom Hiddleston).  I absolutely love that guy!  He was the most hilarious one in the movie!  There are two scenes that come to mind immediately.  I don’t want to spoil them for those who haven’t seen the movie, but the shape shifting scene and the scene where they’re getting ready to leave Asgard are my favorite.  But Loki is such a hard character to figure out, and I think that’s why I like him so much. You’re never quite sure what side he’s on.  He always seems to be on his own side, trying to help himself, which means he’ll help whoever can help him.

Even though most of the movie takes place in “space”, the mortals on Earth are actually still a pretty big part of the movie.  Darcy is beyond funny, and they bring in another intern who she is able to play off of and I really liked the dynamic.  I found myself laughing a lot.  And of course they bring back Eric who basically went crazy after the Avengers.  I feel like this movie was almost as much a comedy as it was an action movie.

YOU NEED TO STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS!  There are 2 scenes at the end of the movie.  The first is after the main credits.  But there is another at the very end of the credits.  Stay for both!

The movie was actually pretty short.  It had only been 2 hours since the movie start time, but we had about 20 minutes of previews as well.  So the movie was roughly only 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I actually wanted more, but the pacing of the movie was great, so it’s probably good that it was as short as it is.  I find myself criticizing movies that are long and had boring parts.  Thor definitely did not have any boring parts.

If you’re a Thor fan, or a superhero fan, or even a comedy fan, you should definitely go see this.  I highly recommend it.  Thor fans will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Good review Kristen. The type of fun, loud, action blockbuster we'd expect to see in the summer, but works fine as a last bit of joy and pleasure before we get all of these mega-serious, Oscar-bait projects in the next few months.

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