Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Review: The Selection

The Selection
by  Kiera Cass
Date Read:  4/5/2013

Rating:  ★ ★ ★

Well that wasn't as good as I expected. But it also wasn't as bad as some of the reviews I've read.

The beginning was pretty rough. The dialog was really juvenile. I hated the way she talked sometimes. And it was hard to believe in some of the things the author tried to get across. I didn't feel like she was that low on the social ladder (caste). She tries to make you think she was low, but I don't know, it just wasn't established very well. And there was a lot of mention about sex at the beginning, but I don't understand the significance. It never became a part of the story...other than making you think that maybe Maxon was a rapist? It was stupid. I think that should have been completely written out.

I also hated her "I'm not pretty" act. Just be humble about it...but you don't need to deny it and tell people to shut up when they compliment you - especially when its the guy who loves you. I love it when my husband tells me I'm beautiful. Not because I'm stuck up and narcissistic, but because I love knowing that my husband is attracted to me. Just enjoy that he thinks you're pretty and say "thank you".

But about 35-40% through the book it started getting a lot better. The dialog got better. The story got better. The world was finally built. It's almost like she just wrote the book and then published it, without any editing - because I'm really surprised that a publisher would let that go out the way it was.

I found I was looking forward to finding out what happened. The story read really fast. I'm not sure how many pages this was as a printed book, but every time I looked down, I was like another 5% through the story.

The ending came quickly though. And I am still a little unclear about what the main conflict was. There really wasn't any. Well, I guess that's because I have no idea what these rebel attacks are about. Perhaps the big attack was supposed to be the big climax of the story...but it seems so out of place because the reader has no idea what is going on. I have no idea why they're attacking. No idea what they're looking for.

The ending also just kind of ended. Since I knew what the sequel was called, I kind of expected exactly where it would end. But there wasn't really a conclusion to the story. There were about 2 closing paragraphs. I don't like it when that happens in books. I want a little more closure. Though, I'm glad that there wasn't a cliffhanger, it still left something to be desired.

Ok, lets talk about that promotional tag line: "The Hunger Games meets the Bachelor". What?? How in the world do you compare this to The Hunger Games? First, I do not think you can even classify this as a dystopian novel. It's just mostly in the future, so things have changed a little, but this world is so very close to our world now, that I had a very hard time believing it was dystopian. Second, there is no fight to the death. No survival. So how is this being compared to The Hunger Games? Hmm, ok, there's a girl who goes through a lottery system...the event is semi-televised...there is a love triangle...sort of. Hmm. I don't buy it. And now the Bachelor. OK, yes, there are a bunch of women on a TV show vying for the love of one man. But I never really felt like this was a reality television show. And honestly, I never felt like anyone else had a chance anyway - so there was no jealousy or worry there. I had a hint of jealously on America's behalf after she had kissed him and then heard he kissed someone else. But that was it! C'mon. If a girl was really in that situation, she would be jealous. But America didn't go in wanting to love him, so I suppose that makes it different...but then can you compare it the Bachelor? I guess so. But there was no rose ceremony, and there really isn't a competition. If Maxon could break the rules, he would have chosen America a long time ago.

I'm not really sure what everyone means when they talk about drama surrounding the author. I'm curious, but at the same time, I wanted to read the book first to give it an honest review before I figured out what everyone was talking about.

Overall though, I think this book gets a solid 3 stars. It was entertaining enough. I will read the sequel to see how it ends. I'm leaning towards her being with Maxon. And then Aspen can be with one of the sweet maids. Or even Marlee. Oh, that's something else I'm curious about - what is Marlee hiding? What's her secret??? 


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