Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Knowing that my baby shower was coming up, I wanted to do something special for the ladies hosting it.  Between my mom, mother in law and sister in law, I had heard that a lot of work and planning was going in to it.  Though they wouldn't let me in on any of the details, I was still able to figure out just how much they were doing.  So I didn't want that to go un-noticed or just send a regular thank you.

After some long pinteresting hours, I found some cute things.  For my sister in law, who was running the show and delegating tasks to the moms, we put a basket it together.  I wish I had taken some pictures before they all went together, but I can show you some pictures of some of the individual items.  First, I found a super cute wine glass that you can personalize on Etsy.  I chose colors that matched our nursery theme (pink, white and black), and it said “Aunt Emily’s Sippy Cup” (she loves her wine, as do I).  This seller on Etsy was really nice, responsive, and the product came fast and in great condition. I was very happy with it, and actually want to order one for myself!  This is an example of what it looks like - I didn't take a picture of my actual glass unfortunately.

In addition to this, our mother in law also gave us Pandora bracelets a few years ago for Christmas, so since this is going to be Emily’s first niece or nephew, I found a really cute charm on Amazon for the bracelet that says “Aunt”.

Then we went to World Market and got some help putting a few more things in the basket – a bottle of wine, crackers, cheese, and meat.  Then they put it all together for us in a cute white basket with cellophane.  It looked great – wish I had gotten a picture!

For the future grandmothers, I found a cute idea on pinterest for a Survival Kit for Grandmothers.  It wasn't anything big, but it was kind of a cute novelty.  I've included instructions for how I did it below. In addition to this, I found a cute “Grandma’s Brag Book” at Babies R Us. I knew I wanted it to specifically say Grandma on it, and this one was perfect.  On the front page, I wrote in Brooklyn’s name, and then I put their first picture in, which was an ultrasound picture of her waving.  Here is a picture of the two finished projects for grandmas.

Instructions for Grandma Survival Kit

Total Cost:
Approximately $15

2 white paper lunch bags
White Card stock
Sweet Tarts
Rubber Band
Mounds Bar
Life Savers
Cotton Balls
Travel Tissue
Paper Clip
Hold Punch

1)      First I went to the store to buy anything I didn't already have on hand.  I found the lunch bags at Wal-Mart for about $1.50 for about 20 bags.  We already had some marbles, rubber bands, paper clips, card stock, and ribbon for my other projects. I bought a 6 pack of Mounds Bars (so both ended up getting 3), and I found some of the rolls of Life Savers and Sweet Tarts at the gas station (mind you I probably got ripped off there, but I couldn't find the rolls anywhere else).  We pack a 3 pack of travel Kleenex from Wal-Mart and put one in each bag (with one left over for me!) – I figured at least that way they could use it rather than just putting one tissue in the bag.  And I bought a box of Starburst for both.  Here is a picture of all the supplies before they were placed in the bag.

2)      After getting everything ready, I used Word on my computer to type everything up.  I liked having each item in a different color and then the description of why it was included below in black.  I used two different fonts also.  Feel free to pick whatever font or colors you prefer.  I printed them each on half of the paper, so the final size was about 8 x 5.5”.  I needed to trim it down just a bit so it fit nicer on the bag – you can do this with a paper cutter or scissors.
3)      I glued (actually I mod-podged because I didn't have any glue sticks) the description on to the bag.
4)      After the glue was dry, I placed all the items in the bag and folded the top over. I used my hole punch to punch two holes, roughly an inch to an inch and a half apart from each other.

5)      I cut a piece of ribbon that would be long enough to tie a bow with.  I fed one end through each side and tied a ribbon to finish it off.


Drew Watts said...

Great to see this shower hostess gifts. Recently went to my friend’s baby shower at one of venues in Los Angeles and was really good to be there and enjoyed the day. Want to host my sister’s baby shower also soon. Will look for best arranging ideas soon.

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