Monday, December 16, 2013

Ebates - Pays YOU for shopping online!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I have a Capital One credit card that I used to use to buy anything and everything.  We get bonus points per dollar on all our purchases.  And on top of that, they had this thing called Perk Central where if you bought online through the links, you could earn even more bonus points depending on the store.  For instance, I got an extra bonus point per dollar when shopping at or 5 bonus points per dollar when I bought tickets at an AMC theatre.
However, a few months ago they took away Perk Central in favor of the new “Capital One Deals” program.  There has been a grand total of TWO deals over the past 1.5 years they’ve been doing this that I have actually used.  The problems that I have with this Deals program over Perk Central is that 1) They are usually stores that I never shop at, and 2) Even if it is a store I shop at, I have to go and spend that much money THAT week.  The deals are only good for one week.  So basically this program is telling me when I can spend money.  So we do not end up using this program and it has made me less loyal to Capital One.  And what frustrated me most about it was that they never notified us that they were removing the Perk Central.  I had to call them after several times of trying to find the new location when the website was updated.
So since then I’ve been trying to find more ways to save money because we are frugal and hey, why not try to save some money while spending it, right?  I saw a commercial for over the weekend, and vaguely remembered when one of my husband’s colleagues told him about it years ago.  At the time, we had Perk Central, so it made sense to stick with that.  But  since we now don’t have Perk Central, I decided to check it out this weekend.
After looking it over this weekend, I definitely signed up!  At most places, all you have to do is just shop online after starting on their website.  It will open a ticket for you, and as long as you place an order, you’ll get the designated cash back from each store.  And the best part?  Amazon is one of the retailers!!  This is even better than Perk Central!  I made my first purchase yesterday.  I’m not sure how long it usually takes for the credit to show up in my account, but then they are supposed to pay you out quarterly.  Pretty awesome.  And here’s another cool part:  If you refer friends, you get even more money!  So friends, if you haven’t already, please go sign up and finish your Christmas shopping by using ebates!


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