Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15th: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

 I'll be honest, I had no idea that there was a day dedicated to remembering babies lost as infants or in the womb.  The only reason I know is from all the pinteresting I did right after losing our baby boy.  Yes, we found out our baby was a boy through the genetic testing.  That's the only answer we got.  So now, I want to raise awareness about Pregnancy and Infant loss.

October is Miscarriage and baby loss awareness month.  October seems to be the awareness month for everything, but everything gets overshadowed by Breast Cancer awareness - which is also a very necessary awareness.  But everyone I've talked to had no idea that there was an awareness month, a remembrance day, or even a ribbon for miscarriage!  I've done my best to raise awareness because I want people to know.  I don't want having a miscarriage to be taboo anymore. Like there was something wrong with me that caused a miscarriage or that I couldn't keep my baby.  I definitely had those thoughts in the days following the miscarriage, but I now know there was nothing I could have done.  Something happened, and God has his own plan.  This wasn't the baby He wants us to have.  There were lessons He wanted us to learn from this as well.  But having a taboo around miscarriage does not help those feelings.  Miscarriage happens to 1 in 4 pregnancies.  That's a REALLY high percentage.  And yet people don't know about this day?  That's a much higher percentage than who encounters breast cancer.

October 15th is Remembrance day.  This is the day where everyone who has lost a baby remembers their lost ones.  It is asked for a wave of light.  If everyone around the world lights a candle at 7pm, there will be a continuous wave of light for 24 hours for our lost babies.  I'm raising awareness for this. We will be participating tonight.  And I ask anyone who has experienced the loss of a baby to also participate.  Together we can bring awareness.  My in-laws and my parents are both lighting a candle for our baby boy also.

We will never forget the baby boy we never got to hold or kiss.  Even though life will move on and we will try to start our family again, we will never forget this baby.  And those future babies will never replace the baby we lost.  Please light a candle at 7pm tonight.


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