Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heartbreaking News...

On September 18, we went to the doctor because we had a few symptoms that were a little nerve wracking. We thought we were being overly cautious.  But when we went for the ultrasound, there was no heartbeat.  We lost our sweet baby.  After 13 weeks and 5 days, our Baby went to Heaven. It is very hard to cope with but every day the loss will hurt just a little bit less.  We will never forget our March baby.  Here are a few words that my husband put together.  We miss you Baby Ray.  So very much.

All that you are

You are the child I will never hold.
I watched your heart beat, but never felt it against my chest.
My arms are empty without you.

You are the teacher I never met.
I never knew my capacity for love until I felt the depth of my sadness.
My heart is missing a piece without you.

You are my precious gift.
I watched as you filled all those who loved you with happiness and excitement.
My joy is incomplete without you.

You are my hope.
I never knew the truth of my faith until I lost you.
My life is made rich by you.

You are my child.
All that you are is all that I am,
And that will never change.

Thank you for all that you showed us and all that you gave for us.
Our beautiful Baby, I pray you go in Peace, though you remain in our hearts forever.

Forever your parents,
Brandon and Kristen


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