Monday, June 17, 2013

San Diego Trip

We took a trip to San Diego this weekend to get away from the debilitating Arizona heat.  We took a vacation from work on Friday and headed out at 6am.  It's about a 6 hour drive from Phoenix, so we made it to San Diego around noon. 

First we went to Coronado.  We always have to spend a few hours on Coronado every time we come to San Diego because it is just such a quaint little town.  But when you go on the weekend, it's packed.  We decided to go the day we got in for that reason.  It was still crowded, but we found a parking spot fairly easily.  We walked around a little in the cool breeze, and then ate lunch at our usual spot, Costa Azul.  It is voted best Mexican food in Coronado...and it is always delicious.  And it has seating on a patio so you can enjoy the cool Coronado weather.

Later that night we went to the Padres vs. Diamondbacks game.  We wore our dbacks gear and headed to Petco Park.  This is the neatest park I've seen (though, to be fair, I've only been to Chase Field and Petco Park).  There was a neat area for kids to play and a grassy area to sit and watch the game.  But my favorite part was sitting behind home plate and seeing out to the city.  You can actually see into the stadium when you're walking or driving down the street.  And it has an old school scoreboard and everything.  Very neat.  The best part of the evening was talking with the Padres fans sitting next to us who were really nice, and then about halfway through the game, Derrick Hall, the president of the Diamondbacks ballclub, came up to chat.  He spent about 10 minutes with us in the upper deck and thanked us all for coming out to support the dbacks.  He even patted my shoulder!  I thought that was super cool.  The president took the time to come all the way to the upper deck (which obviously is not where he watched dbacks games) to thank us for our support.  It was super cool.  I can't wait to catch another Diamondbacks game at Petco Park the next time we go to San Diego.

The next day we just enjoyed the beach.  We slept in a little bit so we didn't make it to the beach until about 10am.  But it was so cold with the breeze, it was nice to let the sun come out a little.  We walked up and down the beach collecting sea shells and taking pictures.  A seagull decided to be a model for me which was fun.  After about 3 hours, we decided to head back to the hotel to shower and head downtown for dinner.  We found a delicious restaurant in Little Italy (makes us want to go back to Italy again!) for dinner, Davanti Enoteca.  After dinner, we found a place to have a cannoli and we sure wish we weren't on a diet!  Cafe Zucchero had so many mouth watering desserts!!  We enjoyed the sunset at Mission Beach.  And then headed back to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for a bottle of wine on the beach.  It was great.

On Sunday morning we slept in and packed up to head home.  We stopped in downtown again for brunch at Cafe 21.  This was probably our best meal.  The most delicious omlette we've ever had with sauteed onions and bell peppers with rib meat marinated in a fig and chai tea.  They also make 6 homemade varities of Sangria every day.  I had the Pineapple Kiwi.  It was delicious.  Perfect for a summer morning.  We also split some tiramisu pancakes that were so rich and delicious.  This restaurant was a little expensive, more than we paid for anything the entire trip, but the food was so good, we didn't feel bad about it.  I definitely recomment checking out this restuarant for brunch whenever you go to San Diego.

Overall we had a good trip, but wished it was longer.  We hope to find more things to do and cool little restaurants on all our future trips to San Diego.


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