Friday, September 14, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The TV Series - Blog #2

I just finished season 2!!  This season wasn't quite as interesting as season 1, mostly due to the fact that season 1 was all about character development, whereas there wasn't as much character development in season 2.  But the second half of the season I was completely hooked again.

I really enjoyed seeing Tyler progress.  That was a new storyline that was very interesting to watch unfold.  And I liked how it brough Tyler and Caroline together.  They were both much better together.

I was really worried that the love triangle was going to start this season.  But alas, not really happened.  We know that Damon loves Elena (but we kind of already knew all that).  But I like how Elena didn't just all of a sudden love both boys.  Now, of couse she loves Damon, he's like a brother to her, like family.  But she isn't IN love with him like she is with Stefan.  And I liked seeing that bond between she and Stefan stay strong.  These characters are so likeable.

I was flabbergasted when Damon tried to save Elena by making her become a vampire at the end of the season.  It is kind of suitable to his character to have done that, but at the same time, I wasn't expecting it.  But I was always curious what Stefan and Elena's plans were for the future.  Elena is going to grow old.  What is going to happen to them?  It was never mentioned.  So I'm glad Stefan made her have to own up to the fact that she didn't want to be a vampire, she wants an entire lifetime of choices as she grows up.  But now I'm left to wonder, as Stefan is, what is to become of their relationship then?  If she wants kids, she can't have them with Stefan.  So she's going to break up with him and marry someone else?  That's lame.

JENNA!  Omg.  I cannot believe what happened to Jenna.  I did not see it coming.  Someone needs to seriously stab Klaus in the heart with a stake.  First he turns her into a vampire, and then he kills her???  I am praying and praying that there is some way to bring Jenna back.  But then, if there is, what kind of chaos would that bring?  I really liked Jenna.  And I liked her relationship with Alaric.  Now Elena and Jeremy have no parental figures.  The closest they have is Alaric.

John Gilbert finally came around to being a good guy.  I figured he would.  For Elena's sake anyway.  He may still hate vampires, but he has compassion and love in his heart.

I felt like the second to last episode should have been the finale.  With the ceremony of Klaus breaking the curse and not being killed by Elijah.  With Damon being bitten by Tyler, will he live or die?  It had a much better season finale feel.  Then they go and put another episode in, which was pretty lame.  It just showed Elena caring for a dying Damon.  Stefan trying to find a way to save his brother and in the process becoming a monster again (maybe??).  And then Jeremy gets shot and brought back to life and he sees all the women he loved that have died??  How weird is that ending?!  I'm hoping season 3 clears this up fast, and I hope it's not as weird as it seems right now.

Well, I'm ready for season 3 now.  It released to DVD and Blu Ray on Tuesday.  But I'm cheap, and I can't afford to spend $40 on a tv show ($20 I'll pay in a heartbeat!).  But today it released on Netflix streaming.  So tonight I will start a Vampire Diaries Season 3 Marathon!!


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