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Welcome to my blog!  I am 30 years old and married to an aspiring author.  I have created this blog in order to blog about the experience of being married to an author (hence the blog name A Writer's Wife).  I am also going to be blogging about the books I read, movies I see, places I travel.  Now, I do have a day job and a house to take care of, so I don't get to read books as quickly as I'd like.  But I do intend to read all the books I've been given/won as well as others I pick up at the library.

My husband and I live in Arizona with our 2 annoying but hilarious dogs (that picture is about 5 years old!)  We just welcomed our daughter to our lives in September 2014!  She's such a blessing following our miscarriage in 2013.  We're slowly getting the hang of this parenting thing and we're loving every minute of it.

As for this blog: I try to make my reviews as thorough as I can.  I am not very good with the jargon associated to books, but I will try to get my point across as best I can on why I liked or did not like a book.  I try to be constructive in my criticism and give praise where it is due.  I mostly read YA and lean more toward the paranormal and fantasy genres.  But there are a few select books that I have read outside that (The DaVinci Code, Heat Wave, etc).  I would love to read and review anyone's books.

The movies I enjoy most are romantic comedies, action films (like superhero), dramas, and comedies.  I also enjoy movies based on books, specifically the YA books I've read.  I love animated family movies as well.

I will blog about places we've gone and trips we take.  I'll recommend restaurants for all the places I've gone if I find hidden gems.

I will also be blogging about our home projects. We bought a new house at the end of 2014 and there are plenty of projects to keep us busy to update it to our home.

I would also appreciate any advice that any other aspiring or independent authors can pass my way.  We have never been through the process before, and any advice would be incredibly helpful.  From where to look for book covers, editing, reading groups, and how to self-pub or send the manuscript to publishers.  Any advice is welcome.

I also look forward to any comments and connecting to more of the book community.  So please take a look around and I look forward to chatting with you all.


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