Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Addicted to Gossip Girl

I started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix probably about a month or so ago.  I decided to start watching it because I’m actually a fan of watching TV on Netflix because there are no commercials, and you can watch episodes back to back to back and not have to wait a week in between episodes or months between seasons.  I had a lot of friends who loved the series while it was actually on TV.  So when I heard that the series was over, and I saw it on Netflix, I decided to give it a try.

I almost stopped watching after the first couple episodes because I absolutely hated Chuck’s character.  He was such a perv and seemed to have no drive or any redeeming quality.  But I stuck it out a few more episodes because I liked Dan.  And I’m sure glad I did.

Beware of spoilers if you have not seen this show:

Throughout the first season, I was a huge fan of Dan.  And then Dan and Serena.  I liked their dynamic and watching Dan try to fit in to Serena’s world.  It was very interesting. And of course I loved to hate Blair.  Jenny was also one of my favorite characters.  I like watching the sweet, down to Earth kids try to survive in their Upper East Side prep school.  But I hated when Jenny turned into a brat and tried to fit in with Blair and her posse. 

In the second season, I was more about Chuck and Blair.  I felt so bad when Blair was left waiting for Chuck at the plane and he never came.  Watching their relationship develop was so much fun.  They both had this pride that held them back from being happy with each other.  Neither one wanted to be the first to say “I love you”.  And of course the tragedy with Chuck’s dad was so sad!  I thought for sure Blair would pull him out of it quickly.  But I’m glad he was able to save his relationship with Lily.  I think it’s really sweet.  And of course Jenny became a monster. And by this point, I was so sick of it I wanted to turn it off every time it focused on her.  I was really happy when she went back to her old self at the end of the season – too bad it didn’t last very long.  And my favorite thing was at the very end of the season when Chuck finally told Blair he loved her!  FINALLY!

I loved that Chuck and Blair were so happy together – even if they had some weird relationship and games they played with each other.  It worked for them.  They both made each other better, and Chuck finally had something to live for – his love for Blair and his success with his hotel.  His character has grown leaps and bounds.  By season 3 though, I was pretty sick of Serena and Dan.  I don’t really care about either of them anymore.  I saw Dan and Vanessa coming from a mile away.  Serena has just dated like 10 guys but I don’t really care about any of them.  Jenny went back to being obnoxious as Queen Bee.  But again, Blair was the most interesting.  Having to “slum” it at NYU when she had dreamed of going to Yale was so hard for her.  But again, Chuck was there helping her fight through it.  Blair and Chuck are easily my favorite characters.  I am glad that Jenny left to go live somewhere else – obviously she couldn’t handle the stress and peer pressure and I don’t think I could have handled another season of that.  The season finale blew my mind!  I can’t believe Blair and Chuck did that to each other…but OMG!  Chuck getting shot was NOT expected.  I was so glad I didn’t have to wait months to see it!

Now I’ve started season 4 and so far it’s just okay.  At first I was really frustrated that Chuck was with the girl who “saved” him.  I wanted Blair to rush in to a hospital and profess her love.  But that didn’t happen.  Instead she just ran into him Paris, and he stayed with this other girl – even brought her back to NYC.  But I just finished the episode where Blair tried to falsely incriminate Eva and so Eva left.  Chuck was so mad, but it is clear that Blair loves Chuck.  Though, he asked her if she did it because she still loved him, but she said no.  I think Blair is still in love with Chuck – actually it’s pretty obvious.  But I think she denies her feelings because she feels like she shouldn’t still love him after what he did to her – selling her to his Uncle to get him to leave and then sleeping with Jenny Humphrey.  But I’m pretty sure she still loves him.  Again, I didn’t really care about Dan finding out he had a son, and then that that son wasn’t really his.  I never believed it was his.  There was no shock value there.  I’m pretty over Georgina coming to town at the end of every season.  I don’t like her, and I wish they’d find another way to start drama for a season finale.  Again, still not interested in Serena either.  I don’t feel bad that both guys she liked have moved on.  Though, I’m not sure of Dan’s feeling exactly, I still don’t really care who they end up with.  I’m just hoping that by the end of the series that I care about all the characters again.

So that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far.  I’m a probably 25% into season 4.  I haven’t watched an episode in about a week, so I don’t remember which specific episode I’m on.  I’m totally having Gossip Girl withdrawals though – and it’s for Blair and Chuck.  I can’t wait to see what happens to them.

I’m hoping Netflix will add Season 6 soon.  It was only a half season, and I heard the DVD released early.  I really don’t want to have to wait for the last 10 episodes until October.

I had also heard that there was going to be a Gossip Girl spin-off.  But the only reference I can find is that there had been a back-door pilot episode for the one with the back story on Lilly.  And I saw a lot of “it’s a go” and “it’s been canceled”.  The fact that I never saw it leads me to believe it was actually canceled.  Which, to be honest, though I really liked the back story, I don’t know how intriguing Lilly’s past would be.  So I’m not disappointed on that one.  But my husband said he heard something recently about a Gossip Girl spin-off.  I was not able to find anything that was recent about that. Does anyone else know anything about this???


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